Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Goodbyes

We were travelling to Delhi in a volvo bus. J was leaving. She was shifting to Bombay, for an year. This was our last day together. The night before, we were at my place: we had sleepovers before. but, this one was different. Giggles were replaced by sighs, and silent tears. Both of us, were trying to be strong, and hiding the tears.
J : '' Please we won't get senti now!''
I: Hmm. okay.
J: ''Come lets write a post for our blog!''
I: Yeah, that would be good!
J: Lets tell them it will be OUR LAST POST TOGETHER.
I: .
and tears ran down our cheeks like a waterfall!

god really has his own ways, doesn't he?
a month back, we made this blog together, to share slices of our life, to give back to our friendship, to stay together always, and weeks later, we had to say goodbye. I can go on ranting, life isn't fair, and bla bla bla, but we chose to accept the change, move ahead and make each other proud!

J, shifted to Bombay! She got through Xaviers institute of communications! Yeah right, you heard that! Xaviers is the best college in India, for her course (PR). I , on the other hand, am awaiting my result for other entrances. So, basically, that means, that for an year, she's away. we wont be able to see each other for probably the entire year (these people screw you real bad! :p she's got no holidays AT ALL! )
Its my birthday tomorrow. (i am not liking how every now and then, this blog talks about birthdays and thank you's! :p )
i have no excitement at all. J's away, a couple of other friends have moved out, too. But, then J taught me, that LIFE IS TOUGH! YOU'VE GOT TO MANAGE STUFF!  So, manage, i will. I will put on a brave face, and smile, and well, move on. Of course its easier said than done.

Our blog, has become even more special now, because this is what will keep us connected. Be ready to explore our new cities, with us! :)

Also, to everyone out there, whose near one's left to go to another city or country. Be strong! Distance's are the test of relationships. If yours is true, you'l get through :)

Here are pictures of  a few of our last days together.

will be putting up more pictures , when i get them, They are still in J's cam.