Saturday, 20 October 2012


Is there anything better than a weekend? Yes! an EXTENDED WEEKEND!

I am home! I am home! I am home!

Hi, this is I :)

Clearly, I am so excited. The green environs, the smell of the air, my ride, everything about Chandigarh is so different! After living in Delhi for 2 months, My connection with MY city, MY family, MY friends back home has shot up manifold.

One MUST MUST live in another city, for it is an experience that can only be lived, not told. :)

I am pampered like crazy, and I've got so attached to everything back home! I have so much more to talk to my parents, which was clearly not the case, when i lived with them. So, here , I've compiled 5 reasons why you should , at least for once in your life, move out.

1. Makes relationship's stronger : Trust me, it does! It breaks the montony in a relationship, and adds a certain freshness to it. There's so much more in meeting a friend after a few months, or updating them on skype, with what's happening your side, than regularly chatting with another friend on fb saying what's up, when the other has nothing to say! It doesn't let the relation stale, there's always a freshness in it.

2. Makes you multi cultural : When you move out, you meet n number of people from across the country. You learn how to celebrate id, as well as Ganesh Chaturthi. You learn a line or two of Tamil, and Asamese, and can boast that I have friends all across the country!

3. Makes you INDEPENDENT : When you have 100 rs left in your budget, and there's still a week left for the month to end, that's what teaches you how to live! Living out, obviously makes one independent. Till yesterday, I lived a carefree life, no responsibilities, got money whenever i needed it, but the moment i moved out, heaps of responsibilities burdened my shoulders. I am definitely a lot more independent today, than I could have ever been , living at my place.

4. Widens the horizons of your mind : You learn, that India is not just Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore. There's much more to it. Also, you might be a Punjabi, Bengali or South Indian, but it makes you learn how to live , adjust and appreciate each other's culture .You learn values like unity, sharing, caring. 

5. A sense of ADVENTURE:

Now I don't know if you are the type of person who has an adrenaline rush, or a sense of adventure, while in a new city, but i certainly do! So many new faces, places, and we need to explore it all! I love this feeling.

So, yes, MOVE OUT Because the world is a book, and if you don't move out, you read only a page. :)

A few pictures of me, on a nice sunny day in Chandigarh. 

Because black and white never goes wrong!



  1. Hey Isha!!
    Those are some lovely pictures, you look great ^_^
    Yes, sometimes distance does make people grow fonder of each other...and I totally agree on all the other points you mentioned :)
    Have a great time at home :)

  2. Fantastic photos, I just love those cute sandals! :)

    Trendy Teal

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  5. Very cute sandals!

  6. Well written post and pretty outfit. I completely agree with what you have said about moving out.

  7. Great classy outfit :) I'm now following you, looking forward to more posts.

    - Jess

  8. I hope that you enjoy your vacation.nice points and you are beautiful

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  10. Love the bag and yes to a long weekend! :)

  11. You look gorgeous. I love your shoes.

  12. Great post and pic!

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  13. lovely blog...kisses..

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  14. Black and White definitely, does not go ever wrong.
    Great Styling.



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