Friday, 15 June 2012

Confessions of a WINDOW shopaholic!

Hello lovelies!
This is I! I'm writing this post, as the lazy bum J, is sleeping beside me. How do you guys like the new header!? :D We designed it together! Well, actually she did, most of it, but she's asleep, when we should be sitting together and writing this post. So yeah, WE designed it ;)

Both of us, are seeking admissions for our post graduation, and this time is pretty crucial! We are hoping to make it to Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Delhi. Keeping positive :)
But, there is every chance, that we might not end up together. That'll be bad, but that's how life is. Mr. 'Distance' will face a big challenge, to separate us two :D

Okay, so, I have to tell you, that we are ABSOLUTELY STRAIGHT, before you think otherwise! When, I gave my gifts to J, on her b'day, she got senti, and we both cried! :/ and another friend of hers, to lighten the mood, asked, '' Yaar, you sure you guys are straight!??'' Hehe.

Here are a few pictures, we clicked a while ago, at a friends birthday. The birthday was fun, but what happened after that was more fun! We went to some of the best stores, with a friend , S. She btw HATES dressing up! And we little monsters, took her to every possible store in the vicinity, and made her try on things she hated, the most-dresses, skirts, jewellery! Don't tell me, you haven't done it before? It is sooo fun! You don't always have to buy things right!? ;)  So, we chose dresses for the poor S, while she , frustrated, stood in the changing room, only for us! :D

Here, enjoy the pictures!


J wearing an all black outfit. Added a pop of colour with a scarf worn as a belt, and a pink cami.

Yeah, J is that short! :D

Trying on random things! 

That's the four of us. S, in the white dress. Clearly, we all look so excited here! S, was just faking it for the picture! J's face looks unclear, but never mind, she's asleep! 

Four of us, squeezed in the small try room.

If you haven't tried this, you gotta do this with your girls. for sure! If you have, you know exactly, how fun it is! So, go, do it again! Share your experiences with us, right here, below! ;)


  1. I really like that hat you guys tried on! And even I'm a tiny sized one just like J :D

  2. you both look pretty.. and i like the blog header too..:) take care .

  3. Looks like you have a FUN time torturing S...well, good going, I say:p

    Shubhi's Revels!

  4. you both look so pretty nice post

  5. Love the header!! You guys look pretty!! Successful attempt at a dress-up game it seems!!:)


  6. cute outfit girls =) ! dress up games are always funky fun =D

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  7. wow pretty
    good post dear
    keep sharing

    check and do comment on my recent post

  8. very pretty dear :)
    Ive awarded u an award on my check it out..

    1. Thank you so much! We are highly obliged! :)

  9. Thanks so much for following my blog dear :) and yes I am a dermatologist.. am in the 1st year of my PG course in MD Dermatology :) love to hear your comments and queries :) will definitely answer them to the best of my knowledge.

  10. Wow! This is such a fun post! I love the pictures!

  11. Funny pictures! Love the lace top, very beautiful!
    Thanks for visiting my blog girls :)


  12. bwhahahahahha i love doing this, trying on stuff - clicking pictures in the trial room and never buying the outfit! loll! its fun shopping with girls...helping each other choose that suits them the best.

    love the header, its YOU TWO.

    and I, the top is lovely! @ J : i love the idea of scarf worn as abelt, i do that too at times.. with the knot at the side.

    love the black top.

    the smiles make the pictures prettier no matter the blur :D

    have fun

    and thanks for the sweetest comment on my last post :D i will try to post more regularly, ive been such a lazy bum. AND all the best for IIMC, thats the place YO! hope u both get in together... and even if not, stayin the same city at least.

  13. Such an adorable post !! 'scarf worn as a belt' is totally my style :) Thanx a lot for your lovely comment :)

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  14. Hey girls!
    Thanks for the lovely comment..
    I had a great trip!
    Btw I passed through Chandigarh and was there for half a day-It is Hot there! but I did find time to have the best Lassi, Tandoori Chicken and Naan at Pal Dhaba:)

    Shubhi's Revels!


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