Monday, 11 June 2012

Elated 21, thanks alot I

Wow! This is really the sweetest, the cutest surprise ever. Do not even talk about being lucky, cuz hell yes I'm the luckiest! Extremely lucky to have u Isha. Gifting gifts to friends is usual, but gifting something with soooo much heart and love, one must learn from u! Everything that you have done for me for my birthday has left me speechless, yes even after a week I'M SPEECHLESS. I just keep getting happy reading and telling people about this extremely special virtual surprise that I got.

Quite seriously I thought that I'm a grown up now, this year's 3rd  June would be just another day but well the 'explosive miss long legs' has other plans and it turns out to be 1 of the most memorable days of this year. I cannot thank u enough I, its a blessing to have a friend like u with whom I can be totally crazy, laugh my heart out and also be scared of! U have been a best friend all through, a mother at times to make me study, to make me have haldi doodh (turmeric milk) when i injurred my leg. I seriously sometimes think WHAT GOOD IN THE WORLD HAVE I DONE TO HAVE U (usually I forget the word good :P ). We are too similar in a few things, completely opposites in a few... Yet, we fit like a piece! ;)

Thank u sooo much! :* 

Now, for my dearest followers, Thank u sooo much for the adorable wishes, for loving I & J's friendship so much, for helping her make this surprise so perfect. It was such a great feeling to have wishes from across the world and the best feeling I ever get is to hear people say 'how true our friendship is' because yes this friendship means alot to us.

Celebration Peep : This wasn't the only thing she did for me, but alot more. I & A are my closest friends, they both along with all my other friends planned a surprise with my family at 12 at night. I was taken away from the house in the evening n brought back at about 12... 
and then
I see my whole room decorated with 21 air balloons, streamers and what not! 
I'm sure Isha must be seeming too cute to you all by now, but well let me bring out the devil inside her that ruined my newly blow-dried hair X-( 

I was excited and ecstatic like a maniac seeing all my friends with me at 12 at night at my place :-O OMG! The next picture says it all! 
I'm the boogy-man, your mother warned you about! 

So after I settled a bit, washed the beauty cream off my face... Isha slowly came up with all the gifts she prepared for me. Its amazing you know, how she listens to me so carefully at all times. I once would have told her that I want to buy a 'Garfield t-shirt' cuz I love how lazy and lousy he is like me... This Miss Magic, remembered and looked for 1, when she couldn't find she painted me one. Isn't it SUPERLY AMAZING! 
Its a garfield and I LOVE IT! :)
The second gift was extremely special, I & J have spent beautiful 2 years together. That little gift encapsulated  all the beautiful moments and memories we have had. It was a handmade bed-sheet. She drew all the special things we have been talking, doing and loving with each other. It wouldn't make sense to anyone else who reads but for us, WE HAVE LIVED THESE MOMENTS AND TREASURED. 

Isha, you totally rock! These gifts are tooo special to me, your friendship is a treasure. I promise to keep it safe forever! <3 
Thank you for everything!

Welcome to our blog Ladies & Gentleman, by now you already know what our blog is all about. No its not about 'how we celebrate our birthdays' but a blog by 2 crazy people, best friends as I'd love to say! Our future posts will include some really interesting/crazy/ fashion-retarded tips from the 2 introduced experts. So keep following us!
Wish you all a great day!
Thank u! :) 
P.s - Sorry for the delayed post, I've been out of station since the last week! 


  1. ohh lovely mooments ! you look beautiful !
    pictures say it all how much fun you have had.

    1. Thank u so much sandhyaa! It was grrreat fun! :)

  2. You girls are so gorgeous! I'm so sorry my birthday wish is delayed but happy birthday! I was overseas so was unable to get to you both on time!


    1. Thank u soo much n about the wishes, they r always welcome! LOL, so never too late! :)

  3. hahaha awesome birthday. Isha is really a doll. You guys look fab in the last picture, love Isha's top. very cute.

    God bless.

  4. Happy b'day dear :) awesome pictures....can feel the party ;)
    I am still not done with my b'day post :(

    1. Thank u so much ayantika! :)
      U r writing a b'day post too? When was ur b'day?

  5. Awesome fun!!! These pictures tell the tale of your friendship!!! Looking forward for more such pictures and blog posts!! :)


    1. Thank u so much, V have lots of pictures to tell the tale. Would be coming with more posts soon. :)

      Would love to read ur blog!

  6. Awwwwww though I am dropping in late..but this is so so cute!! You are truly blessed to have found each other as friends.
    And, wishing you a very very Happy Bday..3rd June happens to be my dad's bday as it must have grand for sure :)
    Isha knows perhaps that I too am a passout from MCM :) and yes MCM gave me my bestest friend too..that's one more reason you'll see me hooked to your blog :D
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. I am glad you liked my post. Please do visit me again :)

  7. Looks like a fun time.

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